Season 3 – epiBLOG 21:

Fear is a funny thing… except when you’re actually experiencing the feeling. Some fears keep us safe. For example, most of us are probably afraid to step out in the middle of a busy highway because we’re scared to get hit by a car. That’s a practical fear that, when acknowledged and followed through on, keeps us safe.

Then there are other fears. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear that we are not going to get the money in time to pay our bills. Fear of a boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up with us. Fear that we aren’t going to do as well as we would like on our English paper. Fear that we can’t take one more rejection in whichever artistic industry we are pursuing…

This list goes on.

I’m not an expert, but variations of fears seem like they all derive from either a fear of failure or a fear of success. That’s what my life experience has shown me. My fears of failure have subconsciously controlled my behavior, which naturally has led to me not reaching the desired results that I had been looking for in the past.

That way of letting fear run my life is over.

That’s not to say that I’m no longer scared of anything. I definitely am. Everyone has fears; some people just hide theirs really well.

Artists tend to get scared of rejection, and therefore, fear failure. Some artists may experience a fear of success because of the enormous responsibility that comes with it.

Wherever you’re at on the entire spectrum of fears, know that you aren’t alone.

Today’s topic is on examining your own fears as an artist to see if you have one that is holding you back from moving forward within your career.

You can say affirmations until you’re blue in the face. If even the thought of picking up the phone to follow up with a business contact you made a couple of weeks ago at a networking mixer makes you want to freeze up like a block of ice, you simply won’t do it. Affirmations will not help. You will create a myriad of excuses as to why you aren’t able to do it.

“I was busy.”

“I forgot.”

“I need to nurture that relationship more before asking them for something.”

Whatever excuse you use, just understand that it is indeed an excuse, which covers up the underlying fear of failure. You don’t like rejections. Who does? However, what is worst is hearing people give you advice on how to “fix it,” on how to “fix you,” or how to “fix the problem.”

Really, if you simply take the time to examine WHY you are terrified of picking up the phone and pitching your idea to someone, you will find the answer for yourself. Nobody needs to tell you anything.

We spend so much of our lives looking for answers outside of ourselves – from books, seminars, friends, and people who appear to be successful by our own standards. Again, the list can go on here as well…

There’s nothing wrong with seeking knowledge outside of yourself. Books, seminars, genuine friends, and successful people give you new perspectives and expand your mind. I love reading and I love professional development seminars. However, the issue comes into play when you believe that all of your answers that you need to move forward with are outside of you.

You have to remember that there is greatness within you with your talent, skills, and the totality of who you are.

Today’s LESSON is to accept your fears, but don’t let them stop you from moving forward.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: What have you noticed about yourself WITHIN YOUR CAREER that scares you and that you choose not to do? Take a positive first step into NOT allowing your fear to stop you from moving forward. Either create an opportunity or when given an opportunity to work through a fear in order to move forward, choose to move forward and journal your results of this experience.








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