A powerful and dark short film by Nitara Lee Osbourne


When the one that’s supposed to protect you… betrays you beyond recognition…

Logline: A woman gets attacked as she approaches her front door one night, only to hold her attacker hostage in her own house.

Synopsis: As Morgan Kroger approaches her front door from a late night run to the grocery store, an unoriginal disguised male figure comes out of nowhere to attack her, knife in hand. He’s a “scrawny guy,” which is why he has to use his brain, and not his brawn, in this situation. Although she looks small in the light of the moon, one can tell there’s a toughness about Morgan that lies deep within her core, both emotionally and physically.

Dropping her paper bagged groceries, she uses some fighting move that demonstrates evidence of professional training. She places the would-be killer in a locked choke-hold with his own knife to his face. She cautiously walks him into her front door, squeezing his neck just a little harder for good measure…

Morgan gets him inside and ties him up to an old and raggedy kitchen chair, removing his mask and questioning his motives. He toys with her as if he’s the one in charge. Evidence of poverty and scarcity surrounds them, as there is nothing but make-shift furniture made out of wooden crates and used work out equipment. Morgan’s frustrations mount as she keeps trying to figure out who he is and what he wants from her.

She slices his face to get his attention and he admits that he’s from the United States government and is there to collect the money that is owed to him. He hears a creak coming from the other room. Morgan attempts to play it off like she didn’t hear it, but then she hears a noise from outside. She investigates the sound at the door and finds no one. Again, she questions the loser tied to the chair. Out of nowhere, a huge man dressed in all black and much more stronger and taller than the scrawny guy, bursts through the door, holding a gun. He unties his comrade and holds the gun towards Morgan as the scrawny guy ties her hands in front of herself.

The huge man forces Morgan to open up the safe hidden behind a framed military picture of her deceased father and herself, both dressed in their Marine Corps uniforms. Before she opens the safe, the scrawny guy pulls the chair up to the safe, places Morgan on the chair on her knees, and begins to unfasten his belt and unzip his pants. He rapes her, just as Morgan’s younger thirteen year old sister sneaks out of a nearby bedroom, carrying a shaking gun in her hand.

The huge man makes Morgan open up the safe quickly to pull out $400 in cash. The two men escape, leaving Morgan embarrassed and scarred as her baby sister comes to comfort her. They get to the hospital and when Morgan attempts to get help, she’s asked for her insurance and a $75 co-pay. Morgan admits she’s there to treat the injuries inflicted on her from “paying” for health insurance and she pulls a $5 bill out of her wallet, letting the receptionist know that this is all she has for 2 more weeks until she is paid again. The receptionist tells her that she will see her in two weeks.




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