About Nitara Lee Osbourne, M.Ed.

Award-Winning Writer I Ghostwriter I Blogger I Copywriter I Screenwriter

Nitara Osbourne is a full-time working writer and produced screenwriter. Her feature film Running on Empty Dreams was in Blockbusters nationwide, ran its course on Netflix, and can now be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. She wrote, produced, and directed the film, which had gone on to win three prestigious Telly Awards.

Recently, her interview and written article on Singing Sensation Emmanuel Kelly made the cover in February 2018. And Nitara wasn’t short on success in 2017 when her article on Emmy Award-winning film producer Dante James made the cover of Hollywood Weekly magazine in June, followed by a second cover story on Kristine Thao Lam — CEO of the Ms. Vietnam Beauty International Pageant in August, and followed by yet a third cover on global producer Jamee Natella in the Emmy issue in September.

Nitara is currently being hired and contracted by producers to write the scripts for film and marketing videos, while simultaneously being contracted to do copywriting and content writing for marketing and advertising agencies.

She continues to write for her professional and personal development blog for artists. The UnCloseted Professor Blog is nearly 21,000 subscribers strong and organically growing with new subscribers every day since she began interviewing successful and professional artists.

Nitara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Loyola University in New Orleans and a Master’s degree in Education from the American InterContinental University. She used her Master’s to open the door to teach thousands of college students how they can succeed as artists. In nearly 10 years, she’s taught Screenwriting at Scottsdale Community College and at Arizona State University; and Effective Speaking, English, and Storytelling & the Oral Tradition at the Art Institute of Phoenix.

And now as a former college professor, she is still committed to helping those who have the same passion in making their vision a reality. Nitara creates time in her schedule to mentor ambitious and driven individuals on the path to seeing their dreams come true. Prior to ending her outstanding teaching career in 2017 to pursue writing full-time, Nitara was awarded Faculty Member of the Quarter in 2014 at the Art Institute of Phoenix.

The year 2014 also saw Nitara get contracted by a California production company to adapt books into both treatments and screenplays. Nitara has sold scripts of her own, and has served as script supervisor on a number of projects, including the multi award-winning film It Happened Again Last Night (2017). She has been actively writing scripts for almost 20 years and has served as associate producer, producer, executive producer, script supervisor, and director on numerous other productions over the past decade (some uncredited). She understands what it takes to get from where you are now to where you want to be, and is willing to share her knowledge.

Nitara believes that her experience in working on film sets has made her an even better writer and storyteller. She values any platform that assists those with the desire, passion, and hunger for seeing their vision through to the end. Nitara believes that everyone wins when an individual sees their creation come to life.



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