Balanced Entertainment Films

Balanced Entertainment Films, LLC creates dramatic fictional films and web series’ that portray worlds with strong and major LGBT characters, specifically lesbians.

Nevertheless, we also create dramatic films and series’ that do reflect the realities and experiences of those in the LGBT community through the lens of the Chief Executive Officer and/or Creator/Writer of the project in order to initiate a poignant and positive social impact on how those in the LGBT community and outsiders view themselves and each other in relation to religion.

Because the Chief Execute Officer is an educator, as well as a filmmaker, “lessons” (WITHOUT a “preachy” attitude) are meant to be part of the viewing experiences in order to gain a better understanding of the world in which we live through the eyes of those in this marginalized group. Edutainment at its best!

Furthermore, at the core of these productions (i.e., episodes and films) is a reflection of strong lesbian characters with high self-esteem and self-worth who face obstacles, and overcome them or survive them. They love themselves, love how they stand in the world, and are proud of who they are without apologizing for it. Combating the perpetual battle of religious persecution in connection with the LGBT community is at the heart of the majority of these productions.

In order to decrease low self-esteem, depression, and suicide amongst gays and lesbians, which are prevalent issues in the LGBT community, those in this community must see images of themselves in an empowering position. Enter in Balanced Entertainment Films, LLC.



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