Season 7 – epiBLOG 2:

Learn to adjust and regroup when you don’t feel like you’re continuing to move in the direction that serves you and your business best. So many entrepreneurs get stuck in a process of doing mundane tasks or striving for goals that they no longer care about because they feel like they have to be committed to the cause.

Don’t get me wrong; commitment is important. You do need to stick with tasks that serve you well whether you’re in the mood to do them or not.

Nevertheless, commitment to the wrong goals isn’t ideal for anyone.

As entrepreneurs, we try different marketing campaigns, different ways of generating leads, and new ways of pitching our business to see what works the most effectively. If you’re finding that something isn’t working after consistently testing the activity for a period of time, you may want to adjust your approach or stop doing the task altogether if you find it to be unnecessary.

Also, don’t get me wrong; I’m not advocating quitting when the going gets tough either. This is about adjusting your approaches in order to integrate the most effective approach for your business.

Today’s topic is to adjust accordingly for success.

There are several books, seminars, events, marketers, social media ads, and everything else in between being thrown at you as you grow your business. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you should do or what direction you should move in.

You have to be grounded enough in what you’re doing to know the solutions that you’re offering your clients/customers are the best ones and that the exceptional customer service that you’re providing meets your standard and approval. Having a standard for how you conduct your business will allow you to gauge what’s working and what’s not. You set the standard and work accordingly.

In order for me to be efficient, I’ve systematized my administrative work for 2019 using 17 Hats as my platform to do this. Before, I was doing my best to keep track of hard copies of my paperwork and saving digital copies on my hard drive, but I never felt completely organized until now. For example, this platform allows me keep track of and send invoices to clients and it allows me to provide clients with the option for electronic signatures. Before, I had to have clients print off my contracts, sign, and figure out a way to send the document back to me in order for me to do exactly the same thing on my end. This was an inefficient use of time.

I didn’t quit my business because administrative tasks were too overwhelming. Instead, I adjusted my approach and it’s working for me. My approach is more efficient.

What do you need to do in your own business to make it more efficient?

Today’s LESSON is to be open to change and growth.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Examine the current state of your business. What is working? What is not? What do you hate doing? What do you have to continue to do, but could do more efficiently? Answer these questions and create a plan to adjust accordingly.

Nitara Osbourne owns The Infinite Writer Agency, LLC, which provides content to producers, publishers, entrepreneurs, and sales people seeking help with developing their life stories into nonfiction books and movie scripts. Ghostwriting and editing services are provided for clients as well. If you’re an accomplished sales or business professional, and are looking to tell your story, contact Nitara Osbourne.





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