Season 5 – epiBLOG 1:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that the content and information that I provide to all of you in 2018 will serve you well for this year and beyond!

Today’s topic is very simple; it’s to be the type of artist that serves and supports your clients.

Some of you may be employed as an artist by a company, but the same rules apply to your business’ customers and for the people that you work with and for. You’re here to serve and support others with your talent and skills as an artist.

Imagine if you take on that point-of-view as you move your career forward. Imagine how your talent and skills can benefit another person. There’s power in that. Serving and supporting others as an artist does require a degree of responsibility, but with it comes the genuine satisfaction of impacting the lives of others.

Oftentimes when we were growing up, our parents, teachers, clergy, and other well-meaning adults told us to think of others before we think of ourselves. If you’re like many people (especially when you were a kid), the first thought that comes to mind when you are told who you should be thinking about over yourself is: “What about me?”

It’s natural. You’re human. Who doesn’t think of themselves several times throughout the day? There’s nothing wrong with thinking about yourself and what’s important to you. Nevertheless, there is room within your capacity to dream for you to consider how what you do can have a positive impact on another individual.

If you’re wanting to take your artistic career to the next level, you’re going to have to raise the bar when it comes to your mindset.

When you are genuine about how you can serve and support clients, customers, your supervisor, colleagues, etc. with your art, you will discover people who can benefit from what you have to offer and provide. Not only will this sincerity contribute to you making a living doing what you love, but you have the added benefit of impacting the lives of others.

When you approach your artistic business with this mindset, it causes you to focus on solutions to problems that people may be experiencing. As an entrepreneurial artist, or an employed artist, you are constantly solving problems with your talent. When an up-and-coming business needs a new logo, they are looking for a graphic designer. When someone needs a singer at their wedding, they are looking for the perfect vocalist. When a restaurant needs to hire a new sous chef, I’m sure they are looking for someone who can not only cook and lead, but someone who can take direction as well.

You, your talent, and skills are all a solution to another person’s or company’s problem. Be that solution. Be the artist that serves and supports others, and enjoy the rewards that will soon follow!

Today’s LESSON is to become the artist that causes people to gravitate towards you.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Write down a list of four potential clients or existing clients. For each week in January, dedicate a portion of the week to one client on your list by finding ways to serve and support them. Of course, you can serve and support ALL of your clients EACH week. The point of this exercise is to get you to see how simple it is to serve and support another person. “Serve and support” doesn’t always mean exactly what you think it does for each individual. How you should contribute to a client’s life will become apparent to you as you pay close attention to them. As an employee, you can apply this same exercise to customers or fellow colleagues that you work with.



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