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How do you get rid of the self-doubt that creeps into your head as you journey along your artistic path? You don’t. Unfortunately, it stays there like an unwanted scent lingering in the air.

However, there are actions that you can take in order to redirect your energy and focus on the tasks at hand so that you won’t be mentally paralyzed with defeat.

Let’s face it… part of being human is our concern about what may or may not happen and WHEN we would like something to happen. We stress about problems. Doubt our abilities after receiving a rejection or some other disappointing news, or simply get frustrated with the process required to achieve a goal.

You’re not alone. Everyone has these feelings, especially artists who are in the pursuit of a dream that is bigger than the current circumstances that they find themselves in. It doesn’t matter if you’re in music, film, fashion design, interior design, a fine artist, or a photographer.

Today’s topic is on taking actions to redirect your focus on your goals when you become distracted.

Some people feel that “sitting still” and waiting for inspired words of wisdom to flash through their minds like a bolt of lightning is effective when it comes to the distracted mind of ambitious individuals striving towards their goals. Maybe this method does work for some people. I’m not one to enjoy “waiting” for something to miraculously come to me.

However, I love action. Action creates some sort of cause, which in turn produces some sort of effect. It may not always be the result that you’re looking for, but something gets shifted when you take consistent actions towards your goals. You either learn what to do or what NOT to do. Either way, your experience will serve as a permanent teacher that will stick with you for life.

When self-defeat begins to attempt to make a home in your mind after that producer rejected your song, the loan wasn’t approved for you to open your own restaurant, or the publisher said that your book wasn’t the right fit for their company right now, you have to direct those feelings into constructive actions that allow you to more forward effectively.


  1. Consider networking opportunities – either online or in person. You would think that being around people is the last place you would want to be after you find yourself in a mental slump within your career. And if you feel very strongly about not connecting with others because you’re not in a “good space,” then follow your instinct. However, simply not wanting to connect with others because you don’t feel like it or because you feel it will be a waste of time are not good reasons to not reach out. Connecting with others on LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social networking sites are opportunities to keep your career moving forward even when your heart is heavy with past rejections. You don’t know what person online may be looking for exactly what you have to offer. The same goes for you attending a networking event and/or mixer. Going out of your house and speaking to others about your art not only shifts your energy to being excited, but it also allows you to create new relationships with others. Remember, part of your success is built upon the relationships that you establish and nurture within your artistic business. The only way to begin new business relationships is through some form of networking.


  1. Read self-help books. If you feel that you’ve been doing everything you know to do to move forward, I would recommend reading a self-help book in order to redirect your attention back on your career. Choose one on a topic that you feel would resonate with you at this exact moment, NOT one that you feel you’ve been putting off reading and should just read. No way. Your career is on the line. Each time you get distracted and the longer you’re distracted from following the path that you’re interested in pursuing, the longer it will take you reach your destination — not to mention, these distractions stop you from being able to enjoy the journey along the way. Self-help books can provide a great idea that can simply inspire you to take some sort of action that you never even considered before.


  1. Another option is to simply create your art. A passion piece. For me, I write full time, but there are still some discouraging moments along the way. Right now, I’m working on a web series with a storyline that is very important to me. Getting lost in my story refocuses my mind from the loud noises and distractions of the world. Create your next song. Write your next song. Create your next recipe and cook it. Design a clothing line. Design the blueprints of an amazing house. Do what you do to block the noise of the world from your ears, while empowering yourself through your own art.


Today’s LESSON is to be open-minded enough to figure out creative ways of refocusing on your career when you get distracted.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Make a list of creative ways that bring you back on track so that you aren’t letting life’s disappointments keep you from the rewarding career that you’ve worked so hard for. Use this list as a means to keep you on track any time you find a distraction is simply too overwhelming to handle.



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