Season 5 – epiBLOG 23:

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, I want to encourage artists to be proud of what we do for a living or what we are striving to do for a living.

Being proud is not about making others feel bad about who they are, but about you feeling good about who you are.

Oftentimes, when we share that we are artists with people, they get excited about us chasing a dream that very few have the nerve to chase. On the other hand, there are people who mock us and believe that we are wasting our time pursing a goal that we may never accomplish.

Today’s topic is on how to celebrate your successes with pride as you move forward as an entrepreneurial artist.

I know this may seem like an odd topic. However, actively pursuing a career as a singer, an actor, a writer, a musician, an interior designer, a game designer, a fine artist, a comedian, a culinary expert, or any other type of art takes courage, resilience, and belief in one’s own ability even in the face of adversity. In my opinion, I felt like this is a significant topic to address.

Sometimes it may take years before you see true results from your efforts. At that point, many would more than likely encourage you to get a job and to simply quit your pursuit. That is an easier option. You’ll have the steady paycheck. The so-called respect of people around you that will then perceive you as being “responsible.” And you will have the stability to give you peace of mind.

In the pursuit of a goal and dream, there isn’t a promise of it being easy along the journey. As a matter of fact, the path is usually riddled with obstacles that you have to figure out a way around, over, or under in order to continuously move forward towards achieving that beautiful dream that you can’t wait to wrap your arms around.

Along your journey as an artist, you’re going to experience setbacks, disappointments, and frustrating moments. That’s why your dream has to be big enough and important enough for you to be willing to work through whatever you need to in order to reach the dream. You still need to hold your head proud for the decision that you made to pursue your dream. It’s not going to be easy, but being proud of who you are will keep you in the right mindset to attract the success that you’re wanting.

Celebrating your successes along the way—regardless of how big or small—will keep your mind on all of your accomplishments, thereby keeping you moving forward.



  • Acknowledge when you’ve accomplished a goal or task that is in line with your overall dreams. Acknowledging that you’ve done something of value is huge. Don’t dismiss these accomplishments. This is something that I have to constantly work on myself.


  • Share your accomplishment with someone who wants to see you succeed. They will cheer you on. The positive energy from that conversation and the encouragement will feed your fuel to keep moving forward.


  • When you’ve done something within your career that you hadn’t achieved in the past, celebrate it by treating yourself with a reward of equal value. For example, you get promoted to an executive chef position, you treat yourself out to your favorite restaurant. You get booked to do stand-up at 10 different comedy clubs over the next two months—the most you’ve ever gotten within that length of time. Buy a new outfit, go out to dinner, or buy yourself a gift within your budget that you’ve been wanting, but have been holding back for various reasons.


Today’s LESSON is to celebrate you and to be proud of who you are as an entrepreneurial artist.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Set a goal that is attached to, or lines up with, your overall artistic dream. Attach a reward to your goal. Once you accomplish it, have fun and celebrate with your reward.

Please contact Nitara Osbourne if you’re a full time artist, and would like to be interviewed in The UnCloseted Professor Blog or if you would like help developing your life story into a non-fiction book or movie script.



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