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I know that I’ve been posting a lot about being in the right mindset recently. If you’re ambitious like the majority of the people who read this blog, you’ve probably heard it all and don’t want to hear anything more about positive thinking. Many entrepreneurs just want the “nuts & bolts” of how to move from “Point A” to “Point B.”

Guilty–I’m one of those entrepreneurs as well, so I definitely understand and can relate. Sometimes I just want to know how to apply an action and get a result. That’s the type of content that I seek online. I don’t want the woo-woo. I want the information that will give me the ability to take action that yields results.

Nevertheless, what I realized over the years, and even more so recently, is just how important it is to be in the right frame of mind in order to receive the success that I’m genuinely seeking. It doesn’t matter what type of entrepreneur that you are, your mindset has to be focused in the direction, on the ideas, and people that will cause the success you’re seeking to gravitate towards you.

Today’s topic is on feeding your subconscious so that your mind remains focused when you’re consciously moving your business forward.

Saying positive affirmations is a nice thing to do, but I remember doing those religiously and found them to be an exercise in futility. I would say an affirmation in the present tense like, “I am successful.” However, in the back of my mind I was dealing with real issues that weren’t resolved that I didn’t even know about because it was buried in my subconscious.

I kept wanting success “to be,” but my subconscious would ensure that it would sabotage my efforts before anything had a chance to materialize. Don’t get me wrong, you can experience some level of success leaving unresolved issues buried, but choosing to do so limits you and makes the process so much more difficult than what it needs to be.

Some steps that I took to tap into my subconscious mind that has helped me to experience the level of success that I’m experiencing now is that I took a phenomenal self and professional development course through the Landmark Forum. Just to put this into perspective for you, I’ve taken several self and professional development courses over the past 20 years, and this is one that is by far superior to all those that I’ve completed in earlier years. They remove the “woo-woo” and “just-think-positive-and-you’ll-be-fine” attitude. Let’s face it; thinking positive alone helps, but it’s not going to be the one determining factor in reaching all of your goals and dreams.

Anyway, the Landmark Forum takes place over the course of 3 ½ days, and is totally worth taking. Second on my list of recommendations is Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success. It’s a week-long seminar (at least it was when I took it) that allows you to be immersed in creating goals, objectives, and evolving into a stronger version of yourself. I took this course in 2016 and took the Landmark Forum in 2017. I was able to get out of my own way in order to have a solid foundation that I have right now for both my business and my life in general.

Because I want to keep my mind focused on success, I started looking up sounds and vibrations that I can play in the background while I’m working so that I can maintain a healthy subconscious. YouTube is full of great content. It’s also filled with a lot of people simply trying to sell their product. Be careful. Do your due diligence and research those who are posting “money mindset” and “success” subliminal messages.

One that I’ve found to be very useful and calming is the video entitled Receive Unexpected Money in 24 Hours. Don’t be distracted by the gimmicky title. I’m not buying into getting rich quick without effort, nor am I promoting that. Nor do I believe that this video is about that. It’s the sound vibrations and the sound of flowing water that are equally relaxing as they are powerful that attracted me to this video. Plus, it’s not that I watch it. I basically just have it playing in the background when I’m doing something else.

Dr. David Hawkins wrote a book called Healing and Recovery. “In it, he explains how frequencies, including audible frequencies produced by sound and music, can elicit either positive or negative emotion. And those frequencies can also elicit positive vibrations in different cells and tissues in your body – but they can also cause negative vibrations. That’s why some music makes you feel really good, while some can stress you out to no end.” (Kion, 2018).

In the case of the music within this video, the sound vibrations are relaxing, and therefore, makes me feel really good.

“Kathryn Weber has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation.”
And she says that, “In feng shui water is understood to work like a mirror of chi, only it is seen whereas chi is unseen. When what we want is change in our lives, it is water that has the power to wipe our slate clean and deliver us to a new reality.” (Weber, 2015).

I noticed that when I hear the water flowing within this video, it makes me smile each time. I have no idea why. I try not to smile, but somehow my pearly whites show anyway.

This particular video combines the sound vibrations from the music and the water flowing that produces a healthy combination that feeds my subconscious throughout my moments of working or doing other tasks.

Today’s LESSON is to care for your subconscious just as you would care for your physical body. It’s equally as important.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Go to YouTube and research videos and the background of those posting, and find one or two that seem to fit you perfectly. You may also want to google to where else you can find strong content to feed your subconscious mind. Please be sure to research, as you don’t want to be the cause of accidentally putting something in your mind that you don’t want in there.


Sources: “Frequencies—How sound & vibrations can elevate your life.” Kion. 2018.

Weber, Kathryn. “How to use water-feng shui’s element of transformation and overcoming obstacles.” Red Lotus Letter. 13 Dec 2015.

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