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Remaining in a state of continuously learning will allow you to expand as much as possible, especially as an artist. The moment you believe you know all there is to know within your industry, is the moment you stop looking for innovative ways of creating your art. You remain unteachable and stagnant. In other words, you stop growing as an artist.

Today’s topic is to consistently look for avenues of learning while consistently applying that information to your art.

As a screenwriter, I read scripts written by others, I read industry publications like the Hollywood Reporter, I subscribe to blogs like Script, I attend writers’ groups like Shut up and Write San Diego, and I read a ton of self-help books for my overall self and professional development.

I remain in a constant state of learning.

Some may think that in doing so you never arrive at a destination or that you remain in a constant state of seeking. However, the truth is that you simply are gratified by adding onto your existing knowledge. You become empowered through knowledge.

If you are a working singer, screenwriter, painter, sculptor, author, filmmaker, interior designer, photographer, chef, and all other artists who are aiming to make a living by creating their art, understand that you are also an entrepreneur. Wearing both hats as an artist and entrepreneur carries the responsibility of always learning.

Here are 7 ways to learn on a regular basis that can help you grow in any industry:

(1) Attend seminars, workshops, and/or conferences. These can be specific to your industry, which will help you to gain a new perspective on your art. Likewise, these can also be self and professional development options that can help place you in a solid state of mind in order to help you to remain focused and to remove limiting beliefs about yourself as you move forward.

(2) Subscribe to an industry specific publication within your field. This will help you to learn the most current trends that surround your art, industry success stories, and may provide you with new ideas and approaches to successfully turn your art career into one that can provide for you financially.

(3) Attend a networking group (lead generating). You can choose to find a networking group in your area that caters specifically to your type of art as a business. These can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly groups, but the point of them is for you to provide referrals to others in your group, while they refer others to you. This provides a way for you to grow your business, as well as to learn from other self-employed working artists.

(4) Attend networking events. This will allow you to meet new people, learn about what they do, and share with others what you do. Face to face contact brings a positive perspective to your business as an artist. Many times we are content with using social media, which serves a valid purpose as well. However, connecting with others in person helps to strengthen your connections and to help build your business as an artist.

(5) Read self and professional development books. Some people dismiss this as just another tasks on their “to-do” list, but it’s honestly a great way to remain in a constant state of being open to learning and how to have the best attitude in order to have a successful overall career. I recommend Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin, and many others.

(6) Subscribe to an industry-specific blog within your field. This will allow you to easily get access to tips of the trade and be able read it on a regular basis. You’ll get emailed when a new blog is published and be able to review the blog at any time with today’s technology. Information is just a “smart phone” away.

(7) Connect with others over social media. Find the best social media platform for your industry and begin building your network. I personally find LinkedIn, Twitter, and my Fan Page on Facebook to be helpful tools. Facebook allows you to create specific groups and you can connect with others with similar interests, which can lead to you getting invited to groups that share your interests. This is another opportunity for you to learn from others.

The preceding list provides options for you to learn and grow as an artist.

Today’s LESSON is to be open-minded to remain in a constant state of learning.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Choose three (3) new ways to consistently gather new information about your industry and/or ways about self and professional development, and apply them.



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