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Happy 4th of July Eve! I hope everyone is ready to spend time with family and friends while eating some delicious BBQ! And today begins a brand new “season” of The UnCloseted Professor Blog, so this is an extra special time when we transition to the second half of the year!

As we celebrate the 242nd birthday of the United States of America, I would like to reflect on the idea of becoming independent as an entrepreneurial artist. When will you declare your independence as an artist?

Oftentimes we are afraid of the unknown. To leave that job to pursue our career as an artist. Or maybe we keep the job that we don’t like, but consider building our artistic career on the side. And the fear and possibility of long days and no results may mentally settle in and intimidate us.

It’s okay to feel this way. I’m not aiming to eliminate fear from your life altogether. You’re human. Fear is part of our experience as human beings. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing as long as it doesn’t stop you from evolving and progressing into the artist you were always meant to be.

Today’s topic is on how to live your dream as an entrepreneurial artist.

People may misconstrue that living their dream means that everything is perfect in life. No problems. No rejections. Everything comes easy. This is not how this works. I’m sure many of you have read self-help books that crush that way of thinking anyway.

Realizing that you are an artist, and then pursuing it as a business is a journey of trials, obstacles, victories, defeats, successes, hurdles, frustrations, pains, joy, tears, and fulfillment. No doubt you can come up with your own additional adjectives and nouns here.

But what does it mean to live your dream?

Well, it doesn’t mean to wait until you “arrive” or “become” something other than who you are right now. It doesn’t mean that you wait until you have enough money, time, or experience. You live your dream now because this is literally all you have—you have right now. Yesterday is gone. And tomorrow isn’t promised. What can you do with what you have access to right now? Remember… simply “be present.”


  1. Don’t have expectations. I know that may seem counterproductive to a goal-oriented and ambitious entrepreneur, but just trust me on this one. When you expect someone to behave the way you want them to or a situation to unfold exactly the way you want it to, when they don’t, your mind is focused on what didn’t happen. You can’t do anything about what didn’t happen. You can only deal with what is in front of you and how to use that to move forward. Expectations lead to frustrations, which eventually lead to distracting you from your dream. Instead of holding on to expectations that frustrate you because they don’t unfold in the way that you expect, dream about what you’re passionate about, take action towards a specific goal, and adjust accordingly with the situation. You don’t have to compromise your integrity, but you may find that compromising in less important areas for the benefit of all will work best for you.


  1. Take daily actions towards your small goals. The only way that you will move forward is by “moving” yourself. Create opportunities. Take advantage of existing opportunities.


  1. When you get pissed off because things don’t go your way, accept those feelings. They are what they are. However, remaining angry can be a huge distraction from dreaming. Whenever you get angry or feel victimized by your industry or the universe, either force yourself to think about 10 or more things that are actually going well in your life or take the time to write these things down. You will seriously be surprised how being grateful for who and what is in your life will shift your energy in your body and your mindset so that you can then gravitate towards more of those people and things that you’re grateful for. I used to think this was a bunch of BS until I started trying it. It actually helps tremendously.


  1. Give yourself permission to be an artist. Some artists feel guilty about pursuing their passion. Change your mindset, and realize that you’re pursuing a dream that can benefit and have a positive impact on the world. Do this completely guilt-free.


What is it that you can do right now that supports what fulfills you? What can you do to “declare your independence” as an entrepreneurial artist? Understanding that you can literally take action on an endeavor that matters to you is empowering. Genuinely knowing that and taking action steps is how you live your dream as an entrepreneurial artist.

On a side note, I’m looking forward to this new season of The UnCloseted Professor Blog! The first blog post of each month will be about taking applicable steps in networking, goal setting, business relationship-building, speaking, elevator pitching, and other tangible tools. The second Tuesday of each month will cover reviews on YouTube videos geared towards artists and/or the mindset of successful entrepreneurs. And I’m bringing back the monthly book reviews on the third Tuesday of the month. I will review a self and/or professional development book, and either recommend it or not. Of course, this will be followed by the Professional and Successful Artists Series, where a full time artist is interviewed and their interview is posted on the last Tuesday of each month. I look forward to sharing quality content with you!

Today’s LESSON is to live your dreams and not just dream about them.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Anytime you find yourself being frustrated due to an expectation that you had, take a deep breath, ask yourself what you can control, and accept what you have no control over. Let it be okay. Try this in both your personal and professional life. Secondly, if you find yourself complaining this week (which humans are always good at), grab a notepad, and write down a list of 10 or more people or things that you’re grateful for.

Please contact Nitara Osbourne if you’re a full time artist, and would like to be interviewed in The UnCloseted Professor Blog or if you would like help developing your life story into a non-fiction book or movie script.








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