Season 2 – epiBLOG 26:


This is the last blog for 2016! I want to thank all of you who have been loyal supporters of the Uncloseted Professor Blog this year! Your support means the world to me! Today will also mark the end of Season 2.

Season 3 will begin in January with some exciting changes! We will have between 1-2 successful guest artists each month who I will interview through my blog. They will be giving insight, advice, and words of encouragement on what it means to be a successful artist in 2017. Please be sure to “stay tuned…”

Today’s topic is to be open to sharing your art with family, friends, and any others. Artists can often be reclusive, and in being so, we stop many from experiencing our art because we are afraid to be vulnerable… or for whatever reason. Let this be what you effectively integrate right now and throughout the entire New Year. Obviously, you would want to set specific goals and a plan for this to happen as I mentioned in a previous blog, but make it happen.

Include important people in your life in on the things that you’re the most passionate about. Most people are intrigued by the courage it takes to be an entrepreneurial artist. Share and be open. You never know who you will inspire… or who will inspire you.

Sometimes artists like to separate their personal lives from what they do for a living or from what they dream of doing for a living. Being open to sharing a part of yourself with others can open up many more opportunities for you. Welcome in the New Year by simply sharing and giving.

Today’s LESSON is to share your talent with as many people as possible.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Be willing to be vulnerable in this upcoming year!  Present your art in a forum that allows people to see your talent. This can either be online via a blog, Instagram, YouTube videos, or whichever creative way that will showcase your talent in the best light. Make sure you protect your work with a copyright where applicable.

I look forward to seeing you all next year! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!



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