Season 2 – epiBLOG 10:


Transform. To convert. To grow. To change in condition. Isn’t that part of what the fall season does? Leaves begin to turn brownish-orange, and eventually fall to the ground. It prepares us for a renewal that is to happen in the spring.

Sometimes we spend a lot of our time saying that we want something out of life, but never actually take the steps to get there. This is where we can transform our approach to working towards goals, and therefore transform our lives into a life that we’re excited to wake up to every day. If we can eventually shed off old mind-sets that aren’t serving us well, much like the leaves falling to the ground, we can also be renewed.

First, consider where you’re at within your career right now as an artist? Are you happy? Satisfied? If not, think about aspects of your career that if you had it, or achieved it, right now, would excite you beyond measure. Maybe it’s to get your painting in a certain gallery. Or to produce your screenplay. Or to write a book. If completed, imagine how those accomplishments would make you feel. Write down a list of your career goals that you not only want to make happen, but ones that you’re willing to do the work to see them come to fruition.

After you establish the end goal, write down the requirements that would need to be satisfied in order to see that goal manifest. Once you establish what they are, you can then create action steps to satisfy those requirements. You may find that as you actively move along this process, that you need to modify some of the steps, remove others, and repeat certain ones that work. That’s fine. You learn by doing.

So often some of us never write our goals down, and are simply hoping that they will just manifest themselves because we are good people or because we want them to happen. However, that’s not how this process works. You need a tangible goal, a plan to work towards those goals, and to take action immediately.

Depending on your schedule and how badly you want to reach your goals, taking those action steps daily (or at least 5 days a week) will lead you to what it is that you want. Again, wishing for something that you want isn’t a plan. However, working towards the goal consistently will help you to arrive at your destination.

Jack Canfield suggests in his book The Success Principles that you take 5 actions steps a day that move you closer to your goal. Because I work from home, I create my schedule daily and do my personal best to stick to it, as long as things beyond my control don’t interfere with that schedule. I write out my to-do list the night before. I then create a specific time in which each task needs to be started and completed. This is something that I just started to do within the past 2 weeks. It actually helps me to complete my to-do list the majority of the time, but at minimum to at least get the majority of my tasks completed. (Sometimes I don’t allot enough time to complete certain tasks, and this can throw my schedule off). A completed to-do list means that I’ve completed my action steps that are moving me that much closer to my goal without it feeling like such an overwhelming task.

Today’s LESSON is to figure out what you want to get to the next level with your art, and to go after it with a plan.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: (1) Organize your life. Get a planner – digital or one that you can handwrite in. This boils down to personal taste. (2) Take the time to think about what it is that you’re wanting out of your career right now. Once you establish what that is, write it down, draw pictures of it, or cut out images from magazines that depict that goal. It needs to be specific. (3) Write out what needs to be done (what is required) in order to see that goal come to fruition. And (4), create consistent daily action steps that satisfy the “requirements,” or the plan, that will lead to your goal.



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