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Be grateful that you live during the time that you do. There is no better time in history to be an entrepreneurial artist than there is right now. We are able to reach so many people way out of our sphere of immediate influence through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. We are able to have access to information as fast as our thumbs will move across our smartphones. This is the day that you can make great things happen for yourself!

Today’s topic is seeking and utilizing ordinary tools at your disposal in order to reach the extraordinary levels of success in your field that you’re looking for.

Once you’ve established what your purpose is and have found a viable means to make a living pursuing this purpose, you then have to figure out what tools you can use to propel yourself forward. The following is a list of SOME tools that I’ve found helpful:

ONE. Part of “getting yourself out there,” as people like to say, is letting people know who you are and what you’re all about. Having a healthy social media presence is important. It took me a long time to embrace this fact. My fiancé and I have had enough discussions about this tool to last a lifetime.

As of this writing, I am on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, I have a Fan page on Facebook, and I have this blog – the Uncloseted Professor. I use the other four platforms to promote my blog once a week. My blog is my way of helping artists to achieve their highest level of greatness. My Twitter (@TruScreenwriter) is mainly used to help screenwriters, filmmakers, and other artists by giving them informative blogs written by others and myself. I use my Facebook page for my personal opinions on current topics and to share personal family moments so that I remain connected with old friends, as well as with new friends that I meet along the way.

My whole issue with social media at first was that it was going to take my time away from doing the writing, directing, and producing that I wanted to focus on. What I found was that I simply needed to be willing to work my social media accounts the way that I’m comfortable with the understanding that I just need to be consistent at whatever I do. For example, my blog is released every Tuesday. I don’t make up excuses for why I don’t feel like writing, and then release my blog on Thursday one week and on a Saturday the following week. Consistency is the KEY in social media. Don’t get me wrong – if you have enough money to pay someone to work your social media 7 days a week on different sites consistently for you, then that would be awesome. However, do what you can do, do it well, and be consistent. You can always grow from there.

TWO. There are books in both hard copy format and digital format that have information about your field that you need to know. Read as many books that you can get your hands on. If you hate reading, see if there is an audio version of that book and listen to the information in your car on road trips or on your way to work. Learn everything you can to be the most knowledgeable in your field as possible.

THREE. Find a mentor who is already doing what you want to be doing. This can be tricky because if you find someone who is doing what you want to be doing, chances are they are extremely busy. Nevertheless, that is the person whom you want to talk to because they know from experience what needs to be done to move forward. Obviously, someone else’s success doesn’t determine or guarantee yours, but listening to a successful person can definitely increase your chances of success.

FOUR. Network like crazy. Attend as many networking mixers within and outside your industry. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you have to expand your overall network, and then the more opportunities you have to build strong business relationships. Research networking groups, and find one that will resonate with what it is that you do. Networking groups are about you giving to the group, as well as the group giving to you. It’s an awesome win-win situation.

FIVE. Research industry publications in your field, and subscribe to one or two that will give you the most current and up-to-date information on what is going on. Keeping up with current trends in your industry will help you to figure out ways to market your art and yourself. Remember, publications are easily accessible in both digital and hard copy formats. Don’t let something as simple like the format deter you from learning.

SIX. I believe that I mentioned this to you in several blogs back, but I want to make sure that I include in this list Jack Canfield’s “Rule of Five,” which basically states that you should complete 5 actions a day – either during the 5 day work week or all 7 days – that move you and your business forward to be successful. I personally have applied this rule in my life 5 days a week over the past three months. Every once in a while, I’ll fall short of meeting the 5 actions, but it’s definitely a tool that keeps me focused and allows me to actually get tasks completed. Doing this has caused me to meet several people through my mixers and my networking group. It’s helped me to remain consistent with my blog, to set up appointments to move my production company forward, to create a video as my marketing tool, etc. My advice for you is to constantly have this list of 5 actions a day to complete. Write your 5 actions the night before and make sure they get completed by the end of the next day. This is what will allow you to reach your goals, and not just dream about them.

There are definitely more tools that you can add to your life, but these six are a great place to start!

Today’s LESSON is to consistently use tools at your disposal that help you to move forward.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Choose TWO of the above six tools listed within this blog to consistently apply over the next 30 days. Find something that is comfortable for you, do it well, and be consistent!



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