Season 4 – epiBLOG 26:

Thank you all for allowing me to share advice with you and for letting me into your life each week in 2017! My desire for all of you is to have a powerful and an empowering 2018! In order to accomplish this, you will have to be authentic and have integrity in your actions to produce the desired results that you are seeking. More on authenticity and integrity in 2018.

Today’s final topic for this year is to discover ways of being powerful and empowering within your career in order to experience the success that you’re seeking.

The word “powerful” is defined by many definitions, but those that apply within this context are “potent; efficacious; having great effectiveness…,” according to What does it look like to be “powerful” right now for you as an entrepreneurial artist?

For me, it is the ability to make a consistent living continuously writing projects that are rewarding. I’m effective in creating that for my life right now; therefore, I feel powerful.

What does “powerful” look like for you? Is it some version of success? Is it making a certain amount of money as an artist? Is it creating your own content/art, and selling it? Is it being hired by others to provide a service? Is it having time to create your art? Where is your power hiding?

How many of you put forth the effort to achieve your desired results within your artistic careers only to be met with constant setbacks that leave you to believe that you aren’t powerful? In other words, oftentimes we feel powerless when we don’t achieve what we want. This can feel like a permanent state of being, but it’s honestly just temporary if you understand that the setbacks that you’re experiencing are part of the process of working towards your career goals. Once you move passed that part of the process, you will then be in another part of the process that moves you forward to achieve what you’re seeking.

The word “empowering” means “to give power or authority to…” according to You give yourself power when you’re living the life that you’re choosing to live as an entrepreneurial artist.

What does empowerment look like for you? What are your strengths that help to feed your ability to empower yourself? How can you give yourself power over your career?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. You have them. They are answers that you have to discover for yourself. The purpose of this blog post is to introduce these questions to you so that you can unlock something on the inside of you that frees you to be a powerful and empowered entrepreneurial artist within this world.

Today’s LESSON is to constantly look for new discoveries about yourself.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Spend the rest of your 2017 making new discoveries about yourself. Over the next six days, write these discoveries down. Write down those discoveries that you feel you can use as strengths and empower yourself so that you can have the career that you’ve always wanted.




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