Season 5 – epiBLOG 20:

When I originally started writing 20+ years ago, the only type of writing that I considered doing was screenwriting. Although that is still one of my absolute favorite types of writing to do, I find so much reward through serving my clients with writing non-fiction books, blog posts, scripts for marketing videos, website content, marketing emails, and even interviewing people for articles and doing some editing.

My original dream was to be a high-paid screenwriter. However, what actually led to me finding success as a writer was dreaming outside of the box.

Storytelling is the main skill that I developed over the years, and it’s applicable to a variety of mediums. Fully realizing just what that meant to me, opened my mind to using my storytelling abilities in different ways. An open mind has led to me making a living as a writer.

Today’s topic is to explore and consider unconventional ways of living out your entrepreneurial artistic dreams.

Had I been closed off to every other writing opportunity outside of screenwriting, I wouldn’t have been hired as one of the writers to cover the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference this week. I have to attend the seminars/workshops at the conference and write summaries on what I listen to. I get the opportunity to meet new and amazing people, I get to write, and I get paid for it. How wonderful is that?

Have you had opportunities come your way that you didn’t follow up with because it didn’t fit exactly what you had initially imagined? Dream outside of the box. Try something new as a singer. As a comedian. As a fine artist. As an illustrator. As an interior designer. As a culinary expert. Try something new.

Before you get the wrong idea, I don’t want you to think that every opportunity that comes your way is one that you should indulge. Not every option will serve you. Sometimes you will have to go with your gut instinct. You will have to take risks. Sometimes you will lose. Sometimes you will win. That’s just part of life. It will be up to you to discern what you should take a chance on and what you shouldn’t. However, you don’t want to keep your mind so tightly closed that you only have one point-of-view that you ever consider.

Today’s LESSON is to not only have an open mind, but to become a “blank slate” each morning.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Take some time to meditate. Look within yourself in whatever way that looks like for you. What are some areas within your entrepreneurial artistic career that are working and are not working? Make a list of each and write down both. Using the lists as a foundation, brainstorm different options or opportunities that you could explore. Maybe ones that you considered before, but were too afraid to pursue. When you discover at least three that you feel good about, take action on one at a time.

Please contact Nitara Osbourne if you’re a full time artist, and would like to be interviewed in The UnCloseted Professor Blog or if you would like help developing your life story into a non-fiction book or movie script.



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