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As we count down the days until we exchange gifts and celebrate with loved ones, I’m reminded about how important it is for us to not only keep our commitments to others, but to ourselves as well. We commit to going to Christmas dinner. We commit to attending our children’s school Christmas pageants. We commit to playing Santa Claus for our little ones.

What about those commitments that we have to ourselves and to our businesses?

Today’s topic is to keep your commitments with yourself when it is 100% in your power to do so.

Commitment is defined as “a pledge or promise; an obligation…” by

How often do we “pledge” our goals to ourselves each week only to end up not accomplishing them? Or even goals for the month or for the entire year only to fail to reach them in the end? I’m sure this happens more often than any of us would care to admit. Plus, it’s super easy to not worry about the lack of accomplishment or the shame of not achieving because you’re the only one who is privy to that specific goal in the first place.

That’s why it’s important to share your goals with others. Not just with anyone, but people whom you trust. This holds you accountable.

Some entrepreneurs fail to keep their commitments to their clients and customers. Those business men and women will not have a business much longer. Why would clients pay you their hard earned money to be lied to? After all, making a promise that you have no intention of keeping in the first place is a lie.

Granted, there are times when you do everything you can to keep your word to your clients. To your colleagues, and to everyone in general. However, sometimes life happens. The car breaks down on the way over to meet with a client. Your children get sick, and you have to now stay home with them and are forced to reschedule your appointments with two clients. It happens. Life happens. These instances are not lying. It’s just life.

You just have to have the integrity to explain your situation, recommit, and follow through on the revised plans.

Some of us are great at keeping our word to our clients, but it’s ourselves that usually gets the shaft. For example, you promised yourself that you would set aside three hours a week to do a fun activity that recharges you. Nevertheless, you get a phone call from one of your biggest clients ever wanting to close a deal with you now. Instead of going to recharge yourself for the one three-hour block of time that you have, you spend that time drafting a contract or simply prepping for that client.

If you are to continuously grow as an entrepreneur, you have to keep your promises – your commitments – to yourself and to everyone you make them with. When you’re not able to, maintain your integrity by acknowledging what’s going on in your life and reschedule/recommit accordingly.

Today’s LESSON is to allow your word to be one of your most valuable assets.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: It’s that time of year. Some people make resolutions. Others set goals. Create plans. And make commitments to see those goals realized. Assuming you’re a goal-setting type of entrepreneur, set aside time to set realistic goals for the upcoming 2019 year. These goals should stretch you, but should be attainable. Create a plan for each of the goals. Finally, the very fun part, create your very own vision board. Invite other like-minded individuals to your home and have a vision board party. They’re always fun!

Nitara Osbourne owns The Infinite Writer Agency, LLC, which provides content to producers, publishers, and sales people seeking help with developing their life stories into nonfiction books and movie scripts. Ghostwriting, Editing, and Screenwriting services are provided for clients as well. If you’re an accomplished sales or business professional, and are looking to tell your story, contact Nitara Osbourne.





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