Season 5 – epiBLOG 21:

Dreams are nice to have, but they are only hopeful wishes until you make them real. Goals are specific targets in which to aim, but without a plan in place the targets seem to drift further away.

Part of the plan that needs to be in place in order for you to reach your goals and to fulfill your dreams as an entrepreneurial artist is to always be surrounded by those things that are important to you and that you’re wanting to achieve. I know what you’re thinking?

“How am I supposed to be surrounded by something that I don’t have yet?”

Let’s explore.

Today’s topic is how to effectively use tools around you to keep you focused.

My fiancé and I just recently moved. Don’t worry—we’re still in San Diego, but just ended up relocating from one area of town to another. The reason that I bring this up is because in my home office at our last house I had mirrored closet doors. Yes, this was cool so that I can fix my hair and make sure that I didn’t have spinach between my teeth right before a Zoom conference meeting or before I was heading out the door to meet a client for coffee/tea.

However, I ended up using the mirrors as a built-in “dry-erase board” to list the names of my existing clients and my prospective ones as well. (And yes, I did use dry-erase markers, for those of you who wanted to know).

I always want my clients to be on my mind. They are the reason that I get to be in business. They are important to me and I’m grateful for them.

Anyway, at our new house the closet doors don’t have mirrors. Slightly annoying after being spoiled at the old house. Nevertheless, one of my birthday presents from my fiancé this year was a long mirror that I can attach and hang on my home office door. I’ve had it for a month now, and I’m going to make it a point to hang it up this week so that I can use my dry erase markers to list client names on it.

Consistently being “present” to my clients helps me to serve them in the best way that I can. It helps me to think of ways I can provide solutions to their problems. I love being “present” to their needs.

I’ve been trying to figure out the missing piece to my “mojo” lately, and I do believe I’ve just figured it out. I needed my mirror back.

So, this is my advice to you:

1—Use a dry-erase board or mirror to write down your clients/prospective clients or to make a list of your goals. This mirror or dry erase-board should be in a place where you can see it the majority of the day.

2—If pictures resonate with you more than words, create a vision board. A vision board is a collage of drawings, magazine cut-outs, and/or other art crafts that you can glue onto the board to represent your dreams. Once you complete this, place it in an area of your home or office where you can see it often.

Today’s LESSON is to be open to surrounding yourself with people and things that support your dream.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Create your very first vision board or re-create a new one to “update” your dreams.


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