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Let’s face it… as you build your business, you are oftentimes faced with challenges. Sometimes you feel so empowered that you can defeat anything, and you seem to do so with just the right solutions. However, there are times when you’re mentally and emotionally drained. And it’s at those trying times when obstacles arise that seem to overtake or overwhelm you.

Today’s topic is to learn when to take a temporary “vacation” from your business in order to re-group.

Last week I was mentally and emotionally drained. I set a financial goal for my business for the week, but I was not in the right mindset in order to achieve that goal.

When you haven’t given yourself a chance to rejuvenate, or to re-group, you’re not able to think as clearly and effectively in order to handle challenges that come your way. I realized that in the middle of last week, and even though I had plans to take part of my week off anyway due to my anniversary with my fiancé, I ended up starting my anniversary celebration early because I truly needed a “vacation” from my business. Just because you take a day or two to relax, doesn’t mean your business is going to disappear or abandon you. So many entrepreneurs — especially solopreneurs –- feel that that’s exactly what will happen. I’m often guilty of feeling that way myself. Your business will be there when you return.

Nevertheless, your business needs you to give a 100% of your efforts a certain number of days per week. How many days and how many hours per day is up to you and the needs of your clients. Just keep in mind, there’s no sense in giving 35% of yourself to your business seven days a week. That’s not helpful to you or to your clients.

Securing new clients may be a hurdle for you. Maybe it’s retaining the existing ones that you have. Perhaps it’s securing a business loan from a bank. Or you need help with marketing or bookkeeping. There are many concerns that arise within your entrepreneurial pursuits.

When you feel yourself being frustrated, angry, annoyed, and simply mentally distracted because of concerns like the ones mentioned above, take a temporary vacation from your work.


  1. If you love the escape that film brings to you, go to a movie in the middle of the week. I started doing this in July of this year. Each Wednesday, I go to the movie theater to be temporarily placed in another world. I missed the last two Wednesdays, but plan to make this an ongoing event. For me, sitting in the movie theater makes me feel empowered. The amazing sound and the grandiose silver screen ignites that fire that I have within me to write amazing stories. Despite the good that comes from it, going to a movie in the middle of the week is very challenging for me. I feel like I’m cheating on my business. It’s definitely something I need to talk myself into each week because of the amount of guilt I feel about not spending every waking hour contributing to my livelihood. But it’s nothing more than a 2-3 hour break (with drive time) in the middle of my day to be rejuvenated. I’m then able to return home and continue my work. Taking this time for myself actually helps me to move forward more effectively in business.


  1. Go outdoors and be in nature. Living in San Diego, this can be quite fun – especially going to the beach. However, make good use of what surrounds you in your hometown. There is beauty to appreciate everywhere. Take it in.


  1. Go to a resort in your hometown and do a “staycation” just to get “away” from business without the huge hassle and stress of planning.


  1. Spend quality time with family and/or friends without being on your cell phone or near a computer. Be present and enjoy the moment with them.


  1. Ride your bike. Go roller blading. Play a pick-up game of basketball and release the stress that’s weighing on your mind.


  1. Do whatever you can that works for you to be rejuvenated and to feel empowered so that you can return to your business with a new set of eyes and an open mind.

Today’s LESSON is to take care of yourself first so that you can be at your best for your business.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Create a list of 5-10 amazing activities that you can participate in that rejuvenates you. In the midst of your obstacles that you encounter as an entrepreneur, you can then pull on any one of those activities when the need arises. No more excuses. Get yourself in the right mindset.

Nitara Osbourne owns The Infinite Writer Agency, LLC, which provides content to producers, publishers, and entrepreneurs seeking help with developing their life stories into nonfiction books and movie scripts. Ghostwriting and blogging services are provided for clients as well. If you’re an accomplished entrepreneur, and are looking to tell your story, contact Nitara Osbourne.




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