Season 3 – epiBLOG 18:

Yep, it’s me! The one who looks for solutions outside of myself. At least lately. Everyone – or I should say — self-help gurus, motivational speakers, and religions like Buddhism usually encourage you to look from within to find the answers.

And I suppose that I have found many solutions to career challenges because I took the time to “look within.” Script ideas, ways to tweak plots for my stories, and business ideas have all come from me looking within to find the answer that I needed in order to move forward.

The weird thing is… when I don’t feel any of my instincts kicking in, or I don’t hear my inner voice guiding me, that’s when I get nervous and feel that I have to look for solutions outside of myself.

Today’s topic is on balancing yourself as an artist by looking from within when you need to and from pulling on outside sources when the time calls for it.

When I see that nothing that I’m doing is moving me forward, I have doubts about whether or not I have all of the information and knowledge that I need in order to move forward. Sometimes this is true. I just don’t know everything. However, I am sure that I can find the answer somewhere.

Come on… we all do this on a daily basis. How many of you google content that you want to know? Attend seminars or workshops to improve upon your craft? Sign up for the latest webinar in your industry just to get that one piece of knowledge that you feel will make all of the difference in your career?

My thing is… I love learning more about things that I’m extremely passionate about. Screenwriting, and writing in general, are definitely exciting to me. I love to read scripts, books on screenwriting, and I love to read screenwriting blogs. Informative writing blogs also provide great sources of information for me to remain efficient in my endeavors.

When you look from within, many think that it’s some “foo-foo” fake stuff. However, your gut doesn’t lie. Going with your instincts should help lead you along the path to reach your goals.

Here are some tips to help you remain balanced between your internal voice and outside sources:


You have to first know exactly what you want and who you are as an artist. That doesn’t mean that you won’t learn, grow, and modify your choices along the way. However, it does mean that you have a specific direction that you’re headed in, and when something throws you “off course,” it automatically doesn’t feel “right” to you. Because you know who you are and what you want, you can then redirect your life back onto the path that will lead you to your goal. Without the goal, you’re just wandering around. Your goal keeps you focused.


I mentioned meditation in my blog post last week. You’re going to hear it again today because it applies perfectly. Whatever you do to get centered and/or getting connected with a source greater than you, do that. You will find your next recipe, your next story idea, your next inspiration for a painting, your next design, your next song, and even your next novel. I believe that artists usually know how to tap into whatever they need to create the artistic beauty that lies within them. Find that. It may be prayer, mediation, or simply becoming one with nature. Whatever works for you, follow through on it. Your inner voice may tell you to take risks that you’ve never before taken, but if it lines up with your career goals, it may just be the exact risk that you need to take. It’s up to you.


As a working writer, not only do I want to increase my income with my writing, but I also want to reach and positively impact more people. Knowing what I want to do – knowing what I feel I am put on this earth to do – is what allows me to take advantage of opportunities with certain webinars, seminars, books, blogs, etc. We don’t know everything.  And that’s okay. Sometimes you just need to take a course, research a topic, or read a trade publication in your industry to give you just what you need to get to the next step with your career.


You have to network no matter which industry you’re creating magnificence in. And I don’t mean friend-requesting people with similar interests on LinkedIn or Facebook. I mean, you need to get out there and talk to real people. Attend networking events and join networking groups if that works for you. Attend film festivals. Visit art galleries. Go to comedy clubs and watch what other comics do. There’s nothing wrong with understanding that you may need the help and guidance of others. In order to do this, however, you have to meet people and build relationships with them. These human connections are some of your greatest resources outside of your inner voice.

Today’s LESSON is to know what you want and to balance your tools and resources to reach your goals.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Explore the side of your career that you haven’t been giving that much attention to. If you never, or rarely, rely on your inner voice, create your own space to meditate, pray, or become one with nature in order to follow your own instincts. If you never take advantage of outside sources, I recommend that you find a book, a trade publication, a new blog, or even research on quality webinars within your industry. Pull on at least one new source and be open to learning something new. If you’ve been avoiding people, research local events in your industry that you can attend. Make it a point to meet at least one person during that event. If there aren’t any industry-specific events, attend a general networking event.






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