Season 6 – epiBLOG 11:

On a day like “September 11th,” we remember the heartache and fear that the day instilled in each American 17 years ago. However, we also have to remember the courage that was shown by our military, police officers, firefighters, citizens, and those on board Flight 93 that met its fate in Pennsylvania.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the willingness to move forward toward a worthwhile goal despite the fears and doubts that we experience.

Today’s topic is on how to have courage as you maneuver through obstacles in your business.

Those that had courage on 9/11 risked their lives. And as an entrepreneur without a “day job” and any other backup plan, you put your belief into your hopes and dreams. Your risks may not be a life or death situation like those who faced the obstacles firsthand on the day that America was attacked by terrorists, but you put yourself on the line each time you reach out to a new contact. Each time you deal with rejection. Each time you don’t know when you’ll be paid again. Each time when you don’t know when you can pay your personal bills, but continue to put money into your business instead.

You build your business for your family as a way to create a livelihood so that they will be taken care of. Your reason why you build your business is directly connected with the courage that you’re willing to have.

How to Build a Business Through Obstacles in 3 Steps:

  1. Make sure that the reason why you’re building your business is important to you. When something is important, you’ll make it a priority, and will be willing to endure the fight through the challenges because it will feel like it’s worth it.


  1. Make sure that your business is lined up with your gifts and purpose. Doing something that you dislike and are simply not good at creates nothing more than self-inflicted obstacles that can easily be avoided by simply going after what you truly want.


  1. Take action. Despite how you feel on the inside, your actions will be “louder” than your “feelings.” You will close deals because you choose to show up to meetings, prepared, and ready to move forward.

Today’s LESSON is to be courageous in the face of adversity.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Take one action this week for your business that you’ve been afraid to take in the past.

On a side note, please take a moment of silence to honor all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Nitara Osbourne owns The Infinite Writer Agency, LLC, which provides content to producers, publishers, and entrepreneurs seeking help with developing their life stories into nonfiction books and movie scripts. Ghostwriting and blogging services are provided for clients as well. If you’re an accomplished entrepreneur, and are looking to tell your story, contact Nitara Osbourne.



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