Season 3 – epiBLOG 11:

I know that every second Tuesday of the month for this season I’ve showcased a well-established featured artist who discusses his or her expertise within a specific field. Due to scheduling conflicts, we have to modify things a little for this month with me delivering an actual interview, but I’m still providing expert advice in a specific field.

Today’s topic is specifically geared towards writers who are looking to expand their options within their careers.

Some of you are bloggers, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, poets, screenwriters, graphic novel writers, copywriters, and journalists.

I would love to give you guys all of the options in the world, but for the sake of this blog post and my current knowledge and experience, I’m discussing three options for you to earn an income as a writer either part time or full time.


If you’re looking to make a living as a writer in a realistic and efficient time frame, I would recommend you investigate Contena. I’ve signed up with them myself, and although there is a cost involved, it’s worth it for the resources and leads that you will receive in order to establish yourself as a professional working writer.

Upon registering and depending on the registration option that you choose, Contena offers coaching, an online academic course, and a list of viable writing jobs that actually exist.

The coaching is extremely helpful because you can get feedback on your writing samples, resume, cover letters, email pitches, etc. With advice from a coach, you can avoid wasting your time submitting samples of your work or presenting yourself in a way that isn’t conducive to what those hiring for these writing jobs are looking for. In other words, save time and reach your goals more efficiently.

I took the online academic course. They call it Contena Academy. It is absolutely awesome! I took it at my own leisure. It walks you through what will be your writing business, how to create and showcase your writing samples to potential clients, creating strong pitches, securing great clients, negotiating with clients, and creating a portfolio that looks spectacular! The best part of it all, you get to complete the course at your own pace.

Finally, you get access to a consistently updated and ongoing daily list of real writing jobs that actually pay for your services. Contena has done all of the work for you by compiling a list of agency jobs, freelance writing contract jobs, full time writing jobs, and submission options. You can use Contena to create your own writing business, to freelance part time, or to find a full time writing position that you can enjoy continually.


Access to a compiled list of writing jobs


Online Course guidance


Cost for the service

Time it takes to establish a writing business/clients


Blogging. It’s a wonderful way to share information with people who are hungry for the content that you’re providing while also fulfilling your love of writing. What has helped my blog (this blog) to move forward and grow successfully has been my consistency with how often I post.

I post faithfully every Tuesday. If you want to create a blog, you don’t have to post once a week like I do. You just have to choose to do what you’re comfortable with, and do it consistently. Depending on your audience, maybe posting once or twice a month is acceptable. Maybe you should post twice a week. Whatever you do, be consistent.

Furthermore, consider what you’re excited about writing about and how you can also provide beneficial content for others. Part of what helped me to come up with the demographic for my blog was the fact that I was a college professor at The Art Institute of Phoenix. I had the opportunity to teach several different artists as a Speech and English Instructor. Because of this, I was exposed to students in the fields of gaming, culinary, fashion design, interior design, and graphic design. I related to them as a working filmmaker/screenwriter, and realized that we all want the same out of life: we all want to make a living following what we are the most passionate about. This is how the UnClosetedProfessor blog was born.

Consider what is important to you.

Here is an important resource that can get you on the right track with becoming a paid blogger. Monetizing your blog isn’t for everyone, but it can be for the person who wants it. Jeff Goins has a system that can help you to achieve that. Study and learn from him. He offers resources and guidance for getting what you want as a blogger/writer.


You get to help people by providing quality content

You get to write about what is important to you

You have the option to monetize or not (you’re in control)

Takes time, consistency, and patience to build an audience


If you’re a screenwriter/producer or simply a writer of every sort, you may want to investigate getting fiscally sponsored in order to financially support your endeavors. My film production company Balanced Entertainment Films, LLC is fiscally sponsored by the non-profit art service organization known as Fractured Atlas. Having support like this allows my production company to receive donations in order to raise funds for my film and web series’ projects.


A way to fund your artistic endeavors

You don’t have to return the funds like you do with an investor

Your donors receive a tax deduction for their financial support

You have complete creative control


You have to raise money; the non-profit doesn’t do this for you

Raising money can take time.

Today’s LESSON is to learn to be consistent with researching methods, organizations, and companies that can help you move forward with your writing endeavors.

FUN ASSIGNMENT: Research all of the options listed in this post, and if one seems to resonate with you after you have all of the information that you feel comfortable with, then move forward and see how the option can expand your writing career. Always research for yourself. Take full responsibility for your career. Never just take any one particular person’s word for it.



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