About Nitara Osbourne, M.Ed.

Writer • Director • Producer • Professor

Nitara Osbourne is a well-rounded contributor in the film industry. She is committed to helping those that have the same passion in making their vision a reality.

She has written, directed, and produced her own feature film Running On Empty Dreams, which is currently in distribution both domestically and internationally. She has received three prestigious Telly Awards for this film, and the film is available in mainstream media like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.com.

Nitara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Loyola University, and a Master’s in Education from American InterContinental University. However, her formal education pales in comparison to the nearly 2 decades she has worked in the film industry. She has been told “no” more times than she can keep track of, which fuels her insatiable drive to make her dreams come true. Her lessons learned were not inexpensive, but are definitely invaluable.

Nitara devotes her time working with passion-driven individuals on the path to seeing their dreams come true. Not only is she a college professor teaching Screenwriting, she has sat on the judging panel of the Phoenix Film Festival beside an elite group of industry professionals. Having a dual career within Screenwriting (Filmmaking) and Teaching has served Nitara Osbourne well. Not only does it keep her balanced, but it allows her to embrace both of her passions simultaneously. She has served as a college professor since 2010, teaching a wide range of subjects that include Screenwriting, Storytelling & the Oral Tradition, English, and Speech. Teaching has not been a “back up” plan, but rather a means to inspire and motivate others to achieve their personal career goals. She was awarded Faculty Member of the Quarter in 2014 at the Art Institute of Phoenix.

The year 2014 also saw Nitara get contracted by a California Production company to adapt books into both treatments and screenplays. Nitara has sold several scripts of her own, and has co-written the feature film Black Talon: Broken Mirror that has been produced and is currently in distribution. She has been actively writing scripts for almost 20 years and has served as associate producer, producer, executive producer, script supervisor, and director on numerous other productions over the past decade (some uncredited). She understands what it takes to get from where you are now to where you want to be, and is willing to share her knowledge.

Nitara believes that her experience in working on film sets has made her an even better writer. She remains active in her field of expertise. She values any platform that assists those with the desire, passion, and hunger for seeing their vision through to the end. Nitara believes that everyone wins when an individual sees their creation come to life.

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