From the screenwriter of Running On Empty Dreams, now brings you this feature-length film about hope and Love


When life throws you lemons… throw them back…

Logline: A middle aged lesbian and burnt-out professor loses her home just as she finds the love of her life that she presumed was dead for almost 20 years.

Synopsis: Taryn Martin is a sexy-ass middle aged woman who feels like she has nothing to show for her life. She works as a full time college professor while balancing two decades of a career making independent films. She’s up to her crinkled eye brows in debt, no longer drowning it, but accepting this fate as part of life. All of her closest friends are successful, and she’s not even jealous of them, but should be. After all, she’s surrounded by an ob-gyn, a business owner, and her best friend who is a scientist who studies cancer research.

Taryn just doesn’t understand why the glass ceiling always seems to be hovering over her dreams. By most people’s standards, she’s a success — as if holding a Ph.D., winning countless teaching awards, and releasing over five films is a life of failure. Taryn doesn’t see those as successes since they don’t equal a life of financial freedom.

To make matters worse, she gets evicted from her apartment for being two months late with the rent and is forced to live out of her car and sneak bird-bath showers after hours on the college campus that she teaches at.

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be that infamous train heading directly towards her, but it turns out to be the long lost love of her life, Kylie, returning back to her while she unfortunately finds herself at the lowest moment of her life – broke and homeless. Although Kylie “coming back from the dead” is a great thing, Taryn feels forced to put on a façade of success for the woman of her dreams. She calls on an actress friend of hers from a film she had completed to ask for a huge favor.

In order to have the appearance that she actually has a home, Taryn pretends that she’s living with Myra as her roommate, who by the way, is Taryn’s former lover. Taryn and Kylie turn out to be in love just as much as they always have been. In the midst of reconnecting, Taryn proposes to Kyle, and on their wedding day Taryn is shot. No… not another tragic lesbian ending… Somehow, Taryn survives, rebuilds her film career to where it is profitable, all while creating a family and home with her beautiful wife.



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