An Original Web Series by Nitara Lee Osbourne


When love is all you have left… you have everything…

Logline: An agnostic lesbian power couple is tragically killed, goes to Heaven, and is selected by God to return to earth to improve his public relations image in exchange for their lives back.

Synopsis: Sexy couple Zoe and Alicia are getting ready to celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary when Zoe stops by Alicia’s kindergarten class after school hours to pick her up– just as a crazed gunman makes his appearance simultaneously.

Their lives are taken quickly, but they are selected into returning to earth to get their children back, as well as all of their closest friends if they contractually agree to successfully improve God’s Public Relations status on earth. God claims that He has the worst sales people working for Him and that He needs some blatantly honest people who know how to love and give a shit. Only one problem, Zoe has to force herself to repair the public image of a Man whom she’s not even sure exist.

Meanwhile, their closest friends – Samoa and Lily – not a couple, but simply best friends with Zoe and Alicia respectively, are working towards putting their personal love lives together, while balancing careers, and being concerned about their recently gunned down friends who they believe are on life support.



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